A Word on Listening to Your Inner Voice

We all have a running monologue inside our heads. Sometimes, it’s a simple stream of consciousness, like a narrator speaking about our actions as we engage in them. At other times, it’s a critical analysis of our every doing. Too often, the inner voice can be a source of anguish, as we listen to our […]

Active vs. Passive in the Quest to Find the Authentic Self

Something that many of us who aim at mindfulness and attempt to stay focused on the present rather than mired in the past or obsessed with an uncertain future are interested in is finding ourselves, and expressing ourselves authentically. The question is this: should we take active steps toward this discovery of the authentic self, […]

Coping With “Resolution Season”

It’s that time of year again! The gyms are packed with people resolute in turning over a new, fit leaf, cigarette smokers are crushing packs and affixing patches, and fast-food junkies are perusing the produce aisles at the grocery store. The season of the New Year’s resolution is upon us, and it will remain in […]

My Spiritual Quest @ Joshua Tree

I am currently in place filled with twisted, spiky trees that look like it was taken straight out of a Dr. Seuss book…well, Joshua Tree National Park. It’s an amazing place that is not only known for its beauty, but also known as a place to “get away from the chaos of our world”. I […]

Breaking down the codependent personality

It was 2012 when I became a Certified Life Coach (CPCC) and found that I could apply my own life experiences as one partner in a codependent relationship to those of others who were going through the same or similar points in their own lives. I could go into the history of codependence and how […]

How did I get here?

If you were to ask a codependent how they got where they are, they probably couldn’t tell you. Sure, you can look at their past and see a cause and effect relationship between their childhood rearing and where they are today. It is very uncommon for a codependent personality to become aware of their disorder […]

Co-dependent Men?

I’m often asked if only women are the enabling partner in a co-dependent relationship, or if men can be in this position as well.  It’s unfortunate that society most frequently thinks that only men can be abusive, addictive people – this we all know is far from the truth.  We hear more about abusive men […]

Walking a Thin Line

Marriage is a relationship between two people who love each other, who care for each other, and who have made the commitment to be with each other threw everything no matter how good or bad it may be. How do you manage to maintain a healthy supportive relationship with your spouse through thick and thin […]