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Quotes from #1 Bestselling books


“True strength is showing yourself; saying the words “I need help”; admitting that you’re not OK; admitting that you can’t do everything on your own; not a carefully curated image of who you want people to think you are.”
– Unzip Your Mind: How to be Vulnerable in a Conscious World


“You are given a choice to live in the present moment. Doing so diminishes the power of fear, and moves people past the feelings of depression. To be completely in the present moment is to see the world as a beautiful, colorful place, filled with possibilities, as opposed to a black-and-white world with limited options. It has the power to give you a fresh start, erasing the sabotaging voices on the past that I’ve been holding you back.”
– How to Live in the Present Moment 2.0: Let Go of the Past & Stop Worrying About the Future

My Story

“You are loved. You are already enough. Your life matters.”

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It is my life’s mission to strengthen people’s mental health. I want to give you my list of 31 things I did to feel Happy through my Depression.


Melissa R.

“I felt ugly, unloveable, and like I just wasn’t good enough. I signed up for his 6-week coaching program, and after the first session I began to feel such a change within myself.”

Roan S.

“I spent many months in a depression after a bad breakup and I never thought I’d get better, but then a friend recommended Matt’s coaching. We immediately connected and I signed up for his coaching. Six weeks later, I felt more confident, happy, and excited about being alive than I ever have.”

Isaac R.

“I felt like someone finally understood what I was going through. I signed up for his coaching and he taught me the things I needed to learn such as forgiveness, letting go of the past, vulnerability, embracing the present moment, and much more.”

Michael K.

“I brought Matt to talk to my students and man was he absolutely incredible! This guy knows his stuff. He was so generous with his wisdom and the lessons learned from his life experiences – from being in a plane crash, to surviving a coma, to losing both his parents at a young age.”

John M.

“I was constantly angry, and embarrassed to ask for help. Matt’s Youtube video randomly came up, and I felt like it was a sign because his words, “It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to be depressed,” really hit home. We connected and he became my coach. He taught me little things I could do everyday to feel better, and he held me accountable everyday for the next few months. I felt like he was the big brother I never had.”

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