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Hi! I’m Matt. I am here to help you with depression/anxiety, relationship issues (trust, conflict resolution, communication issues, divorce), anger management, positive habits, confidence, and stress management.

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Ashley d.
Matt is amazing! He really knows the right information to gather to immediately begin targeting your needs for each session, allowing for a productive meeting. He never leaves you without a new exercise or new notes to keep to motivate you through your progress. He is truly a master of his craft!
Mike H.
Matt has been phenomenal for my life in such a short period of time. He listens well, gives useful and practical advice/tools and genuinely cares about me as a person. 5 stars, A+, highest recommendation possible!
Maggie K.
Matt is absolutely a class act! He helped me through a state of depression i was in due to a lot of factors which he was able to provide very professional mental health counseling which made me feel much much better in just a few hours. He created a morning and evening routine for me which helped me get my mind back on track and I started accomplishing my goals again. He is always responsive to my questions at anytime of the day and always has the right answers. With all the value hd brings, he is still very affordable. Matt , thank you for your knowledge, patience and tenacity . You are God sent . You helped me out of a deep state of depression at a time when i was so confused and stuck. Thanks to you , my mental health has now taken a very positive turn and all areas of my life has improved. I sincerely appreciate you . I am short of words to express my gratitude.
Manuel S.
I got to Matt on a very delicate and scary situation we still working on it but what I can se the technics that I have been teach and the trust of my self that I’m building is a big difference. Thank you to work with me and be there for me at all times. Profesional lot of knowledge and lot of trust that you give me. Thank you looking dowager to keep working with you.
Kurt K.
Working with Matt has been great. He really puts you at ease from the moment you start. He is a good listener and offers advice about problems you need help with that really makes sense. I highly recommend giving Matt a try.
Traci P.
I'm really happy I found Matt. I feel so much better after talking with him and he gives great insight and tips. His book about living in the present moment is really good too. The perfect life coach I was looking for.
Lance E.
Matt is great. He has experienced some of the same life experiences as me and can relate to me. He has helped me work through a few problems. I would highly recommend him.
Janice B.
Matt listens in depth and sees clearly into the situation immediately. He makes very effective use of the time and is genuine in his desire to help. Each time we talk I gain actionable tools that benefit my daily routine. He harmoniously blends practical tools with spiritual awareness. I am grateful to be a client of his because I am valued and understood.
Jessica M.
I’ve had two sessions with Matt so far and it’s been such a great experience. He is giving me a lot of tools and helpful guidance; he even made a book recommendation that has helped immensely. I feel safe and heard with Matt and not judged or pushed in any way. I would definitely recommend him!
Gianpier F.
Working with Matt was no short of amazing. He helped me beat my addiction and work in-depth on my mental health. Very kind and patient with me throughout all our sessions. I will definitely recommend to anyone trying to improve their mental health or overcome an addiction. He knows how to listen to you and really tries to go the extra mile to help you be at peace with yourself. If you are looking for someone that really cares about your mental health, Matt is the guy for you.

Quotes from #1 Bestselling books


“True strength is showing yourself; saying the words “I need help”; admitting that you’re not OK; admitting that you can’t do everything on your own; not a carefully curated image of who you want people to think you are.”
– Unzip Your Mind: How to be Vulnerable in a Conscious World


“You are given a choice to live in the present moment. Doing so diminishes the power of fear, and moves people past the feelings of depression. To be completely in the present moment is to see the world as a beautiful, colorful place, filled with possibilities, as opposed to a black-and-white world with limited options. It has the power to give you a fresh start, erasing the sabotaging voices on the past that I’ve been holding you back.”
– How to Live in the Present Moment 2.0: Let Go of the Past & Stop Worrying About the Future

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My Story

“You are loved. You are already enough. Your life matters.”

My mission is to give you strategies to take care of your mental health so that every day you can feel awesome; and we all know that to have a good life your mental health needs be your #1 priority.

I specialize in depression/anxiety, relationship issues (trust, conflict resolution, communication issues, divorce), anger management, positive habits, confidence, and stress management.

I may be able to relate to you. 👋 I believe the best coaches and therapists are people who understand what it’s like to go through a similar experience as you. I lost both my parents before age 30; I’ve been divorced but now I’m happily married for 7 years; I was in a traumatic accident at age 10 (a plane crash) and have permanent back problems but learned how to be pain free; I’ve been cheated on but learned how to let go of the feeling of “not being good enough”. I’ve struggled through depression and anxiety but I know how to easily manage them. 👍

Today I have many positive habits, I’m confident in myself, and I have excellent stress management skills, and most of all I want to show you how to feel the same way. 🙌

When you work with me, I’ll integrate therapeutic strategies, spirituality, and life coaching tools to provide you with the best practical advice to move forward with your life and relationships. I absolutely love connecting with people, truly listening, and helping my clients feel much better about their lives. I am on this earth to help you improve your mental health.

There is nothing I am more passionate about than guiding people through their limiting beliefs, fears, and/or challenging circumstances in order to get to the rainbow on the other side. It’s the reason he was put on this earth. It’s the reason I’m still alive after surviving a plane crash and losing both my parents at a young age.

Working with me is not hard. If you exercise your mental health each day, you will see results; just as you would have to physically exercise (and stretch) if you want your body to feel better. Let me ask you, how bad do you want to feel better?

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my clients transition from struggling, depressing, anxious life circumstances, to a life filled with joy, abundance, and a feeling of gratitude for simply being alive; where my clients are motivated and excited to wake up every morning. I want this for you more than anything else, but is this what you want?

BACKGROUND: I earned a Psychology degree from CSU Fresno in 2006, and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2012. To expand my knowledge, I got certified as a Life & Mental Health Coach in 2012. I’ve helped thousands of people through depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues. In 2019, I became a hypnotherapist and certified NLP Practitioner to help people overcome limiting beliefs, and negative habits.

I’ve written 6 books on topics he is passionate about including: living in the present moment, goalsetting, connecting with new people, hypnosis, how to feel better fast, as well as the power of vulnerability or opening up and sharing your story.

For over 20 years, I have studied the works of Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Brené Brown, Stephen Covey, Dr. David Hawkins, and much more. The goal was to learn strategies to feel good in a matter of seconds, be in a consistent state of inner peace, and continue to strive toward reaching his full potential during his limited time on this earth.

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