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Remaining Present-Focused in the Face of Trauma

Staying at one with the moment in front of you doesn’t come naturally to some people. In fact, it probably doesn’t come naturally to most people. Often, we are inclined to scrutinize the past and make desperate, half-thought-out plans for the future, when in fact, these practices do absolutely nothing for us. This is even more true when it comes to the cases of those who are afflicted by past trauma.

Your trauma is not the core of yourself

Surviving a traumatic event is something that never leaves you—it goes right down to the core of your being and leaves a permanent imprint. However, no matter how devastating and life-altering the trauma that affected your life may have been, it does not define the core of your innermost self. Inside, you are made up of multiple facets, crafted by multiple factors which contributed to the honing of you. Never feel trapped by your trauma.

Your past does not determine your present or future

Although your past is what has shaped you to this point in time, it need not have a bearing on your present or your future. You are the sculptor of your own life’s clay; if you see the need for change, you have the power to effect that change, and no one can tell you otherwise and have it make a difference unless you let them. Similarly, your plans for the future can stay steadfast, provided you do not allow yourself to doubt them and force yourself into wavering.

You have the power to make the change

You don’t have to be a superhuman to decide on a course of action in the present moment and stick to it for the sake of your own personal growth. All you need is a little bit of determination and a clear mind. Rather than inwardly harping about what you want to be tomorrow or 10 years from now, ask yourself: What do I want to be today? All answers that stem from this question will pave the pathway to your future—a brighter future, lived with purpose and integrity.