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Mindfulness Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Life

For many of us, the journey through self-discovery and self-growth begins not with a seed, but with what we may think of as barren earth. We may not have any idea where to begin with regard to changing our lives—but we know change is what we want. Still, without any bold-faced starting line in front of us, knowing what to do to enact that change can seem daunting.

I believe that the path to self-discovery and self-growth begins with mindfulness—and I am not alone.

One man’s success story

In his May 2014 article for The Telegraph, Anthony Gordon Lennox wrote about his mindfulness journey. Lennox’s experience is inspiring, because like so many of us, he once had no inkling of what mindfulness even was—but once he got into practicing it, he found his whole life began a slow but steady shift for the better. His mind went from clogged and “cluttered” to clear and calm, and over the course of five days of mindfulness meditation exercises, he was able to sync his mind and body as one.

It seems too easy, too good to be true

Mindfulness meditation honestly is as simple as it seems in terms of what to do, but like Lennox, many people experience difficulty with following through. How can I clear my mind and focus on my breathing when I’ve got X concern, Y worry, and Z to fret about?! That is where the biggest hurdle lies: within the internal din of our minds. But when we disconnect ourselves from that inner clamor and focus on our breathing and on objectively observing our bodies and minds, we can then reconnect with a mind that is more at peace.

So, if you’re thinking about giving mindfulness meditation a try, I say—what have you got to lose? If you have practiced mindfulness meditation and found it to be life-changing, please feel free to share your experience in the comments!