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Don’t Be an Observer, Be a Participant

Many good things can come from quiet observation: we can learn by watching, we can get a feel for things that are unfamiliar to us, and we can increase the depth of our understanding of a person, place, thing, or phenomenon. However, being a total “wallflower” is no way to live your life if you want to engage in mindful living. It’s important to stand up and stand out from time to time in order to reap the most from your life’s bounty.

Learn when it’s appropriate to stand back and watch, and when it’s better to jump in and be an active participant. Remember, no one can live this life for you but you. Living is a verb—so go forth and do! Sometimes, our anxieties or concerns leave us feeling hesitant, but when we hesitate for too long we may miss our chance to make a meaningful impact. When you see opportunity on the horizon, stride forward confidently to meet up with it rather than standing by idly and watching it zoom past you.

There may be some times when you decide to participate in your life rather than observe where you feel you’ve made a mistake. This is just another situation in which trial and error is needed to find the right balance. When you find yourself looking back regretfully in hindsight, learn from the mishap and move boldly forward once again. They say at the end of one’s life span, the things one regrets the most are those he or she didn’t do, rather than those he or she did do. Bear this in mind and take a vow to be an active participant in your life instead of watching opportunity after opportunity pass you by. I bet that, in the end, you’ll find that your confidence and happiness will both be increased. Don’t hesitate another moment—go forth and live!