What does it TRULY mean to be present?

You may have noticed that “mindfulness” is everywhere these days. It seems like everyone is reading about it, talking about it, and doing it. At the same time, many people are very confused about what “being in the present moment” actually is, and how to stay mindful. With so much going on in the world, […]

To Be Present, Pay Attention to These 4 Things

Do you remember being in school, stuck in the classroom listening to the teacher drone on and yearning for recess? Perhaps you started gazing out the window, watching the birds fly by and planning your next recess adventure…when suddenly the teacher’s voice cut through your daydreaming: “Pay attention!” At that moment, you realized that several […]

7 Simple Steps to Stay Present

Stay present to what is happening with you now. All power is in the present moment. — Gary Zukav It’s a complicated world out there, isn’t it? More than ever, people juggle work and home demands while trying to keep current with social media and manage all the technology that runs our life. It’s no […]

What it Truly Means to Stay Positive

It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” Robert H. Schuller We’ve all heard the phrases, “stay positive” and “have a positive outlook on life.” Sounds great, right? What does that really mean? What does having a positive mindset look like, […]

Staying Present Through Change

by Guest Blogger Angela Hoffman, Certified Integral Coach© Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it: the sights, the scents, the tastes and textures that come with fall. In Colorado where I live, autumn is especially beautiful. The air turns crisp (even downright cold) in the mornings and evenings, and the […]

Let’s Talk: Staying Present in a Conversation

The quality of your communication is the quality of your life. — Anthony Robbins Communication is one of the greatest gifts to humanity. Through communication, we are able to share ideas, learn information, and express our deepest thoughts and emotions. It is also a real challenge! If you have ever argued with a loved one, […]

5 Ways to Stay Present in a Conversation

I believe in being fully present. That means you should be with the person you are with. — Morrie Schwartz Communication sounds like such an easy thing to do, doesn’t it? You speak, the other person speaks. You listen, you talk, and you learn. However, we all know it is not that simple! Conversations often […]

Listening: The Art of Truly Being Present with Someone

Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens. — Jimi Hendrix Think about this question: in our technology-heavy, social-media saturated world, how much do you really listen to someone in a face-to-face conversation? Listening is rapidly becoming a lost art, and yet it is one of the most critical things we do to learn important information about the world […]

Remaining Present-Focused in the Face of Trauma

Staying at one with the moment in front of you doesn’t come naturally to some people. In fact, it probably doesn’t come naturally to most people. Often, we are inclined to scrutinize the past and make desperate, half-thought-out plans for the future, when in fact, these practices do absolutely nothing for us. This is even […]

Living in the Present Moment: Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

When we consider ways to become more focused on today and to be mindful of the present, sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be: we follow a routine, scheduling in guided meditation exercises and making lists to keep us on task. However, a big part of staying present-minded when in the […]

Don’t Be an Observer, Be a Participant

Many good things can come from quiet observation: we can learn by watching, we can get a feel for things that are unfamiliar to us, and we can increase the depth of our understanding of a person, place, thing, or phenomenon. However, being a total “wallflower” is no way to live your life if you […]

How to Be Present As We All Exchange Our Presents

The holidays can be a time of great joy. For some, it means spending time with beloved friends and family and cherishing our memories together even as we move toward a new year with new memories to be formed. But—let’s be honest: the holidays aren’t always a free-for-all of fun and togetherness. In fact, some […]